Welcome to the jungle! Kim's guest on the show (season 1, ep. 38) was Kristie (@KristieCranford ) to give her recap of the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Marathon (2011). It was her first full marathon and she rocked it! Kristie lives in Vegas and has run the half marathon for the last two years. Not only did she give a great recap of her event, she also brought a great perspective from a marathoner's point of view with the merging of the two events, the water situation and the cut-off times.

We give a DOUBLE SHOUT OUT to @frenchiegurl for running an awesome marathon last weekend in Memphis! AND ... we explain #coffeeworkout.

Music is Get Up! by The Alice Project


Kim's blog: www.outsidemyhead.com, twitter.com/msindigo

Kristie:  website www.coachkristie.com, twitter.com/kristieCranford


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The podcast is on a short hiatus and we are rerunning a few of our favorites. A new episode should be up in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime -- happy running!

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